The money you raise during Christian Aid Week funds projects all over the world, from allowing us to be first on the scene in a disaster or emergency, to long term projects like our work in Malawi helping farmers find practical routes out of poverty.

Christian Aid is here for the world’s most vulnerable people for the long haul, and so are our supporters. Here’s how your money helps us change the lives of people like Esther pictured above.


could provide pigeon pea seeds and farming tools for a family. You’ll be helping them grow enough crops to make a healthy profit.


could buy a bicycle so that an experienced farmer can reach over 100 farmers in remote areas and teach them essential business skills.


could help provide a business training session, helping farmers to secure higher, fairer prices for their crops.


could pay for a cooperative oven, supporting more than 800 people to turn their pigeon peas into profit by baking bread.

Want to aim big? Any amount you raise is fantastic and will be carefully used, but could your community set your sights even higher?


could play for a fish food processor, so cooperative members can turn their pigeon peas into fish food and raise fish to sell at a profit.


could pay for a pigeon pea processing machine to shell and split peas, so cooperative members can sell processed products, adding significant value to their harvest.


could support the installation of a water supply, including solar pumps, in a cooperative warehouse.


could fund a warehouse for a cooperative, giving members a safe, dry space to store their crops.


Taking part in the Big Pea Challenge will directly support communities around the world, helping families live a dignified life, free from poverty. Check out our leaderboard below for inspiration from other fundraisers and a bit of friendly competition.